Staffan Wettre, born in Gothenburg 1941. Working life as a doctor has been imprinting, but roundabout ways like training in the Swedish Navy Sea Cadet Corps and work on board a sailingship were valuable. Grown up with relatives having keen interest in art, some being artists, and a father teaching me photography. Drawing was a main interest in my youth, thereafter on low heat but maintained with some courses and carving in juniper..


Gunnar Stenström, born in Uppsala 1942; father Leica-fan, mother art painter. Physician, diabetologist. Art education 1984-2008 with own exhibitions in Gothenburg 2004-08. Swedish Navy Sea Cadet Corps 1957-59, 3rd summer as crew member during s/y Flying Clipper´s Mediterranean odyssey. A longing to artistically shape 50-year-old feelings and experiences from this sailing-trip was delivered by participating in Jonas and Staffan Wettre´s "Flying Clipper Loggbok (Logbook)" project.


Jonas Wettre, born in Gothenburg 1972. After several educations and work in foreign country for the military, photography and graphic printmaking took over. He studied photography in Gothenburg and Stockholm and

graphic printmaking on Biskops-Arnö, Sweden. Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway and USF

(University of South Florida), Tampa Bay, USA. Between 2002 and 2012 at Steidl Publishers in Göttingen, Germany. Now back in Sweden working with design and retousch.


Wettre förlag, Uddevalla, Sweden founded in 2009 with the purpose of publishing "Flying Clipper Loggbok (Logbook)" and future titles especially with an association to art products.