... a visual project and a trident of books. The best of two worlds,

sea and land, order and chaos. The ultimate log, The Flying Clipper –59 Log.

“Flying Clipper Logbook”

a book by:

Staffan Wettre

Jonas Wettre

Gunnar Stenström


with contribution by:

Paul Ruscha

Arne Alfredsson

Magnus Krook

Joar Svanvik

In 1959 from June 9 to August 17, my father, Staffan Wettre and Gunnar Stenström had the opportunity to enter the three masted Topsail Schooner Flying Clipper together with 12 other sailors as crew members on deck. The ship was heading to the Mediterranean from Gothenburg. It was the former chairman of Encyclopaedia Britannica, William Benton, who rented the ship for his American guests, among them was the former president candidate Adlai Stevenson.


My father and Gunnar was 17-18 at this time, this was of course a big adventure with taste of deep water sailing in old days and before it was common with traveling.


Jonas Wettre

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